Monday, December 22, 2008

Hello Friends!

Im just thinking ... My Daughter will be 20!! Samantha will turn 20 on THE 27TH. THAT IS JUST SO CRAZY!! I don't feel like I should have a child that old! Oh man.. wait till next year when she turns!



Saturday, December 6, 2008

too much

So Much has been going on, My head spins just thinking about is a quick list

Thanksgiving break and school party,
Uncle Don came down for a week to visit
Maddie's Little dog was hit by a car and dies
Maddie was sick from being upset
Grant fell down and cut his top lip open on the inside
Josh Came home for 28 Hours. 17 hrs 1 way on bus.... Ick
Samantha came home for 3 days
Maddie went to desireas on monday, tuesday to Nicholes, wed @
Bounced 2 checks...Grrr!
Worked more Hrs
Learned new reporting system for 1st 5.
flea bombed my house,
Cooked a ham for thanksgiving
found a old friend!!!
Got My paper work together for Pto
Got My report together for Our New school mascotts Bear
Got all the holes filled in for maddies classes Christmas party.
Plus all teh normal day to day junk..
And Now Joe and Maddie went ona little trip to get a new Dog...

I could keep going but Im too tired! LOL!!

Anyway Josh was here and It was wonderful.. He really helped Madisen snap oput of her saddness. He is such a good big Brother.