Monday, December 22, 2008

Hello Friends!

Im just thinking ... My Daughter will be 20!! Samantha will turn 20 on THE 27TH. THAT IS JUST SO CRAZY!! I don't feel like I should have a child that old! Oh man.. wait till next year when she turns!



Saturday, December 6, 2008

too much

So Much has been going on, My head spins just thinking about is a quick list

Thanksgiving break and school party,
Uncle Don came down for a week to visit
Maddie's Little dog was hit by a car and dies
Maddie was sick from being upset
Grant fell down and cut his top lip open on the inside
Josh Came home for 28 Hours. 17 hrs 1 way on bus.... Ick
Samantha came home for 3 days
Maddie went to desireas on monday, tuesday to Nicholes, wed @
Bounced 2 checks...Grrr!
Worked more Hrs
Learned new reporting system for 1st 5.
flea bombed my house,
Cooked a ham for thanksgiving
found a old friend!!!
Got My paper work together for Pto
Got My report together for Our New school mascotts Bear
Got all the holes filled in for maddies classes Christmas party.
Plus all teh normal day to day junk..
And Now Joe and Maddie went ona little trip to get a new Dog...

I could keep going but Im too tired! LOL!!

Anyway Josh was here and It was wonderful.. He really helped Madisen snap oput of her saddness. He is such a good big Brother.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Calgon take me away!

The Kids are fighting..... How did that happen? Arent they too young? What makes them do that? Grant is such a stink bug to his sister today! He is slapping at her, Screaming at her and Pushing her away.. I know he doesnt fell well,(teething) But Good Grief! He got really upset when she was sitting next to me snuggling. Poor Maddie.
Tomorrow I work In the Morning, than off to Maddies class For their Party.
It should be fun, They asked me to bring Old music (the stuff i like) to dance to.. Little turds! Then It's Thanksgiving Vacation for the kids. Im not sure if that is a good thing or not.hee hee.


Monday, November 17, 2008

A Blue Christmas

Christmas is coming up so fast. I am a nut case this year. We are so strapped for money I have no clue how we will pull it off. Maddie is asking Santa ( yes she still believes) for a new water globe and a real guitar. Grant is easy ( Thank God) . I think Both the big kids will be OK with small gifts this year. It just sucks! I really wanted to get Sami a digital camera, and Josh some new games. I don't even have a clue on what for Joe. It's frustrating!! It's also hard because we are so used to have Chuck and Helen Up, and Now that she is Gone Chuck isn't involved in our lives. I don't really understand how someone can just drop their whole family and act like they never existed. Life is so hard sometimes.
Hugs To all

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who would think, This cute little dog can cause so much trouble!

Cookie is a very loyal friend to Maddie, (Maddie shes she is her kid.) However She don't like some people too well, She Jumped and Bit a friends child right in the thigh because he was chasing Maddie around, Than later the same day at soccer practice she nipped another boy who was kicking Maddie's soccer ball away from her.. I wondering if she has a thing against boys that get's too close to Maddie, And If that's the case Maybe I can get More like her!! LOL! She would be Great on a Date!

Anyway This little monster was rolling in the mud this morning and She needed a bath, I think she must have part wild cat in her because she goes berserk whenever you giver her a bath. I have scratches on my arms and My legs, She somehow summoned strength from her Dogie Faith and was able to bound out of the tub at least 4 times, so Now I have a wet laundry room and a wet sofa . Not to mention I was soaking from head to toe also. My Carpet is wet and It looks like a beached whale was floundering around on my bed!
SHESSH! I thought kids were tough!

My Space

So I started a page on My space..
Its Kinda Fun, If you don't have one I say go for it! Anyway Its totally weird that I can look up people from school and find them now, Most of everybody I look for has a page.. It is funny to see the boys I thought was so Dreamy in school grow into Not so handsome men, Then there is one guy that was so Flaming in school and is so Hot now..Funny! I'm sure when everyone see my pictures they will say the same things..what the ??? Oh well!

So I'm tyring to learn more Spanish.. I know a couple of words,But not too many. I don't learn very well from books. I need more vocal lessons. It would be cool to have several languages under my belt..

Love ya

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Im sneaking Maddies M&M"S. Soooooo Yummy, I think they taste even better Becasue Im sneaking them! It;s time to go thru all the halloween candy and get rid of the rejects.. Like the twizzlers..Blahhh and the bublegum that loses its flavor as soon as you chew it. Im searching out the peanut m&ms and The almond joys Their my fav. Thank God for trick or treating!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Well I'm going to get more tests... WhooHOO!
My Dr. Put me on Blood pressure meds also . I just must be getting old!
So After talking to her and a couple of Nice Dr's. Feeling me up They Think It could be a fluid filled cyst. But I still have to have the mammogram this week.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Im such a witch

My Good Friend Trina and Lil Ricky, Me and Grant. we were at the School parade. It was fun . I blacked out a few of my teeth and I kept winking at I was saying to him You know you want me...!! LOL Poor guy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pefect weather for my day

Today I have a Dr. Apt. If you know me at all you know I hate going to the Dr's. office. I love my doc but I just don't like the whole deal. anyway, A few weeks ago I found a lump. It isn't painful but its there non the less. I keep telling myself its just a bruise or maybe something from Breastfeeding Grant. who knows, Joe is really worried about it. If I let my mind wander I too get a bit freaked . So I'm going in today to get it checked out.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.
Love ya

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just Thinking.

OK, So I'm sitting here. I'm just thinking of all the stuff I need to do tomorrow. I really have to get my Bedroom clean.. And that is no small feat, trust me!! I need to rearrange the furniture in our room, we are getting a new bed on Tuesday!! WHOOHOO!! Im so excited. I will be so nice to have a bed that wasn't used by anybody else but Me n Joe! if you know what i!
Anyhoo I hope I can throw away all the stuff that's in my room hiding.. Joe likes to hang onto everything! We are both pack rats but he is worse!,( if your reading this babe....opps! I love ya! )
I really would like to just get a dumpster and throw away half of the attic,most of the garage,all the deck stuff and most of my room things!.. Hmmmm.. Oh well.

I'm Off to work in Maddies class in the morning. I guess I better get some sleep to keep up with those little farts!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Joshie, Rhiannon, Maddie and Grant.

I cant wait till Thanksgiving, Josh thinks he will be able to come home for a week! I really hope so!

What is every ones plans for this Holiday?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Day

Maddie at Gymnastics with Tia and Cody.

Slowing down

Things are starting to slow for a bit. Thank God!!
it feels so nice to not have to run everyday to something, well I do still have the normal stuff. But its great to not have soccer and the pratices. Today is a halloween dress up for gymnastics. they will run around in their costume and play games, Im dressing Grant up too . Tomorrow is the big night! Maddie is all excited,.. Anyone remember that feeling? Couldn't wait til it was dark enough to go out to trick or treat. It would feel like forever till dinner was done. I would sit waiting to go out watching the sun NOT go! Now if seems like it's Dark so fast. Like I cant get Maddie home from school and dinner done before its dark. I guess Im just getting old..
I hope everyone is safe out there..

Ok Who else is dressing up?
Im the Wicked Witch from the West...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

fun dips

Fun Dips, Silly Girls!

To Share or not to share?

It's too hard to not share these kinds of photo's!

I'm just not that strong, The more embarrassing the better!, (not of me of course)
My hubby Is just of the the kids!
This was taken 2 yrs ago. Maddie n Katie in their furry purple hats.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tonight i coached soccer practice, I don't have any knowledge in soccer except what I have learned as Maddie has played. Just things like, Don't use your hands,Keep it in the lines, you need 2 defenders, 2 forwards, 2 other .. Our Coach will be moving up to Traveling team next year and they want me to coach Our Rio Dell team... Im Scared SHI* LE#* !! I Dont know if I can do it.. I am Not in shape to even keep up with them... I want to try but I wonder if I can... what to do???

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Sickie baby

Grant is sickie....
He is so miserable. His little nose is running non stop. He is drooling on top of the runny nose,so his is soaking his clothes, sheets, toys.. I feel so bad for him, he just wants to play but isnt able to. He is also getting another bottom tooth. I wish i could just take it all for him.
We went to Tyler football game for a little bit, The Huskies kicked butt! Tyler did a great job! I cant wait to see him next year in High school!
Oh One thing that has erked me, our high School is changing colors..From Blue and white to black silver and white... GRRR!!! What weiners. I dont get it!!!


Monday, October 13, 2008

My Dirty addiction

Ok.. SO I have a addiction,
I need to try to get it under controll, I think I can do it and then again Im off get some more of the dirty habit. I even feel the need to use my kids as a excuse to get some of it.
I feel the shame. I know its not good for us, I know in the long run it can cost a small fortune, But im taking my chances, sneaking around, going thruogh my friends and familys trash,, begging pleading .. doing things I didnt think possible.. But soon I will Have gotten all I can, Soon I will Have all the Monopoly Game peaces from Mc donalds.. SOon It will All Me MINE!!! HA HA HAA!!!!

love ya

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All Quiet again,
I feel sneaky, Like Im gonna get caught having a min. to myself..Kinda like Im cheating on my!! weird huh? Well AS you can guess they are sound asleep. all tucked into their dreamy worlds. Wish it was that easy for me, I have never been able to just drift off to sleep so easily, I struggle to fall asleep. I dont remember what a good nights sleep feels like, Ever sence I have had sleep apnea I have struggled. I do sleep best when its completly dark and I have ear plugs in.. Oh well.. I do love holding My kids while they sleep, The feeling of a warm sllepy baby on your chest or in your arms is wonderful.It's even better if they smell good too!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Old Cheese

Got Up early today, It's my day to work In madisen's class. She is In 2nd grade and loving it.
I love helping in her class. The kids just crack me up, the things they tell you..OMG! It make me more aware of what i let Maddie hear . Some kids will tell you why Mommy doent like daddy any more (moms, preggo and daddy smells bad), and others will tell you what happens when you put socks in the toliet. My favorite today was a lil guy told me I smelled good, much better than his mom. she always smells like old cheese. well only in her arm pits, LOL!!!
Soccer pratice also today. It got cold and dark real quick, I took the girls cup cakes. they had a hard time waiting till pratice was over to eat them.. Its fun to be involved in Maddies activitys , I hope Grant will want to do sports also.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Joe a flying Monkey

BOOO!!! It's ALmost time for Halloween!
Are you all excited? You can probally guess I am! This Year Halloween is on a Friday, And that means Joe gets to be here with us!! Im looking forward to it!
Maddie is going to be Dorthy from the wizard of Oz, I am making Grant a Scare Crow!.. I need to Find Maddie a dark wig.. anyone have one? She will be walking cookie as toto.
I want to Dress up too!! Maybe Joe Can Be a Flying Monkey And Ill be the wicked witch of the west..( yes I know I have had pratice)


Saturday, October 4, 2008


Tell Me, Who Doesnt love Halloween?
Maddie as A witch last year.

Let it rain

A little rain and everything seems refreshed. I love the smell of the grass and trees just after the rain. It reminds me of the woods where i grew up in Carlotta. There's Something magical about the first rain of the season.. I Had to go outside early this morning and while out there I felt so young, I wanted to jump in the puddles, Splash around and stomp stomp stomp!!.But instead I just got my paper and stood there for a sec. With my head tilted back Eyes closed & let it cover me.. The rain wasn't cold. Cool but not cold. I looked around to see my neighbors staring at me.. Oh well I know they need something to talk about As soon as I was in the house Madisen saw me all wet.. She smiled a Big Happy grin.. She asked sheepishly If she could go out too.. So Out she went. Big Jumps, Splashes all around , A song was being sung .She danced and played for 15 mins, It was 15 minutes of pure heaven watching her. She is my girl. I pray she never looses that child like love of simple pleasures. I hope She always has a song in her heart.
She is Magic.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I survived

Im so tired.. I feel numb.. I just got the kids into bed, This has been the longest week ever. I Spent all week Out in Carlotta watching my sisters 3 kids. Sallie and Jim went to Sonoma for the week for their anniversary. OMG!! I need a vacation now!. They kids were very good, however i had to run non stop. between Soccer, Cross country, Gymnastics and Football I thought I was gonna just fall down. I'll need a nanny if I ever have 5 kids at home at once.
All the Usual stuff went on, Grace didn't bring home her home work, and then day 2 somehow she lost her home work folder on the way to the bus from the house...(so like her mother) By the today her teacher just handed me extra copies of her Boy that was fun! NOT!!! Maddie and Grant ended up in bed with me one of the nights, so I have had little sleep. Last night Grant got into my be at 2 am, than at 5:30 he fell out of the bed on the floor.BAM!! So we were up from then on..Tyler Had 3 guys over for Air Soft wars.. I have no Idea why Soft would ever be used in the name of their products..All the Boys had welts and bruises everywhere from the game..Sheesh! BOYS! On Tuesday Night I made Chile Baked Potato's for snack before Gymnastics and Football Practice.. The Football Team asked me Kindly to NOt EVER give Tyler Chile Before Practice again...ROFLMAO!!! So you live and you learn...right?
Tia was a Angel the whole time. And SAM even came over and played with the babe... My Mom Kept checking in to see what I cooked and of there was any And to make sure I could handle everything.. I might be a few hairs lighter adn a wrinkle or two more but hey
I guess I survived!!!

Hugs to You All

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


HI HOOOOOO, Hi Ho, Hi Ho... It's Off to Gymnastics we go.. Sheesh! So much to do and see!
Grant has a fever so he isnt feeling well at all today, I think Its his teeth. we are suposed to meet up with sallie and go to Farmers market on Main st while maddie and Tia are in class. I hope they have a band playing again.. That always makes Grant happy. Last week we bought awesome cantalope. I want another one and some basil. Oh I hope they have fresh mint, I could go for a mojito!
Catch ya later

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hello all,
Tonight is quiet,
Grant is down sleeping and Maddie Is finally out! She is really struggling in the back to school bed time. I think we all are! Anyway Madisen Is loving school again this year, It really suprises me how much she enjoys school. She cant wait each morning to head out the door and get to school. She loves her teacher, I have had reservations with her but Maddie just adores her. I hope she is able to keep her love for school, I know I never had it, Samantha lost her love in the 4th grade,(Very BAD EVIL B*#$@ Teacher) Joe Says School was very easy for him. It was never easy for me. I see so much of his smartness in Maddie, even his smart assyness! lol!
Grant is walking.. I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to take off, but oh yes he has. He has to be the funniest baby boy in the world.. He has leasrned this funky thing he does while sitting on the floor, It looks like he is break dancing.Tyler (his cousin) Break dances and I think he is just trying to copy Tye... LOl it is so funny, we cheer Go Grant Go Grant!! And trys to go I just cant wait to see what the two of my kids are like later on.. Maddies a rump shaker and Grant thinks he can break dance.!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

rub a dub dub dub

My Kiddos
Madisen And Grant.. In the tub with!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is My oldest Son .

He joined the Navy straight out of High-school.

We are very proud of all his hard work.


This is My oldest Daughter.
She is a amazing artist.

3rd choice

Good Evening,
Another day done. yeaaaaaaa!!
Today we went to eureka to pick up our Glasses, we orderd them over a week ago . My lens needed to be specially ordered.. ( i must be really close to blind sheesh!) So anyhoo we called yeasterdday and they were suposed to be reasy than. I got there today about 2 30.. Joes was ready to go..mine was not. The frames I had choosen were not compatable with the lens and the paint was chipping away, gRRRR!! So he had me pick out another pair.. I newwhich ones right away! They were black with Hot Pink arms, Black dimonds on the sides ssssssssoooooo sweet!.. I aslo tried on another pair just in case. The man says come back in a hr ... we do. and No luck the sweet ones were framless, so with my thick ass lens they wouldnt work for me, But the 3rd pair was perfect for the lens... AHHHHHHHHHH!!! ok. ok so Im calm now . He finishes up this pair, i try them on.. I can see!! WHOOHOO!! I can see! it was so nice to see clearly! My eyes need a min to adjust, my head felt a little weird kind of spinning, Not to bad almost like I was on a wild ride.
anyway i had to sit for a bit to let my eyes get used to them, But Now Im home.. seeing pretty well and very happy with my choice in frames.. even if it was my 3rd choice!

remember friends 1st is great but 3rds come home with ya!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Frozen Soccer

yep, It was cold out there tonight.
I think Grants boogies froze to his little nose..I had the team to myself tonight the head coach had to work late.. It was fun.. I even tried to play a bit.. (i suck) lol
The fire Balls .. Thats our!
I will miss this next game.. That wil be 3 i have missed. I feel badly but I also deserve a little fun for myself. I hope the girls fight for it and run over the other team..heehee. who knows maybe they will.
Happy MOnday Friends


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just Got back from a weekend getaway with girlfriends..
It was fun, we went up to Brookings for a scrapebook retreat. The Sky was overcast and streaked with greys, Most of the time you couldn't see the ocean below us. Every once in a while a boat or bouy would appear for a brief time. Even with the sun missing I had a great time. The group of 9 went into town to watch a Movie.. we saw "THE WOMEN". It was great! I laughed so hard at some parts! It was fun to be able to let loose a bit. I Cherished the time with My Friend, She is a blessing in my life. If the World had more people Like My friends we would all be better off.
Thank you for bringing me! oxox

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello all,
Deep breath. as I have been told I need to update my blog...(thx D.! ) I have been so busy like everyone else. Time is just running away. This past month I have been struggling with the loss Of my oldest brother, Linnie. I have been struggling with many thoughts and emotions about his death. He was almost 60. My brother was in and out of trouble all his life. In my childhood years he spent most of his in Prison. so many crimes over time Im not sure what he didnt do.. Even if he was a x con, he was still my brother and I miss him .. I mostly miss the thought that one day My family will all come back together and get along. That for one Holiday we will all be together in the same home sharing a meal and a good chat. Its very hard to believe My tomorrows and Maybes are all gone with him.
The reason behind Lins Death is also haunting me, At first I thought like everyone else he just passed in his sleep, he had been having some troubles with past illnesses and had lived a very hard lifestyle. But a couple of days later a letter was found in his couch, He had killed himself..
It's hard to talk about it and very hard to write through the tears, But I think I need too. Lin stated in his note he was tired of being alone.. tried of being a burden on his family.. was in pain , and couldnt handle it any longer. He O.D.
Now I have these feelings of guilt. Shame. Of letting him be alone. Of not being there for him, Being selfish becasue I didnt want to go into the trailer park where he was living. I feel like I let him down. I didnt bring him a meal, I didnt invite him down for one.. The last time I spent time with him was at the hospital when His Mother was Passing.. I Didnt ever know what to talk about with him.. And Now I cant make it better, I cant try harder with him..
I just Hate this feeling.
My Nephews are doing the best they can.. They are grown adults with kids of their own. One Is in a re hab.. They have made a date for a memorial yet, and they still havent been able to sumit a obit. My sister Is a wreak, She Has Lost her step father and mother and Now brother in under a yr. She has had to be the rock in her family. I dont know how much more she will be able to handle. Thank God she is Strong and has a Good Man behind her.

so thisn is my update for now. I will try to be back later with a happy one.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Was I-pods Invented In hell?

I wanted a I pod , SO when I got pregnant with Grant, Joe bought me a shuffle. I loved it. Used it all the time. No problems.. The Kids thought I needed a Nano instead, So for My Bday Joshie sent be a Really beautiful blue Nano. I was shocked and thrilled! So I tried to install it.. It wasn't in .. After a slur of not so nice and pretty words I turned the job over to dear Joe. After a couple of days he got it put back to English! (Yeah Joe!) ok so Now its in English, I need to add music to it, A new program must be downloaded .. After a few failed attempts I bite my tongue and ask Joe to step in again.. The next morning My Ipod Is Ready for me all loaded and programed. (Joe is my hero).. I am very excited by now. so i start listening to the music.. However I soon realize that its all Joe's music, Pink Floyd,Beatles,AC DC, Jimmy Buffet....GRRRRR (naughty Joe) The I-pod sat for a couple of weeks.. Then My friend Jodi Got One and a docking station for her anniversary, But she didn't have any music to down load, so I let her borrow mine. Slowly but surely she has completely figured out all the feature and workings of the evil little device!! (where did I go wrong) She even had added new music I like to Ok now to wrap up this part of the story. My Daughter Says Hey Mom I filled my memory stick with music for you for your I pod. It took me 2 days to figure out how to slide out the connection piece to plug it into the computer...... I'm planning on downloading the music next year.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have been playing games all day, some were board games others were childrens make believe games, I totally kicked butt at pool tonight, (ok I won By 1) And of course there was the never ending round of phase 10, All were fun But the most challenging was the pretend play with the kids. Sometimes i feel Like Im starting to forget the magic in childhood. I forget that if you pretend it hard enough it will be real to you. I love the giggles and laughs the kids sound off with. The way a smile can make your whole world melt. My children are magic , They believe good outweighs the evil, there is a castle waiting around the corner, That Nobody Means to hurt your feelings its always a accident. That Pop-cycles and Kisses and ice cream can make everything better.
My son learned tonight how to give kisses with the sounds and all. He is so proud of himself, and Of course I am too! Now the Kissing games are coming.. Now My memories of the older kids learning new games are flooding my head, fish kisses,Butterfly kisses, Nosey nosey eskimosie. Sams favorite was of course Butterfly kisses, Maddies started of with sloppy puppy kisses , But nosey nosey was her favorite. Not sure about Joshie, He was way past that stage when we got him. I just know My little man Is very excited to have figured it out.

A Day in My Life

Good Morning all. Well ok good morning to me , cause Im the only one here .lol
Today is like all others, started out ok, The weather is not was fab but Im coping. I do really like to wake up to the early sun shine, Makes my whole day better. Anyhoo Today is Wednesday so that means either Maddie goes to katie's or katie is Here. Today Katie is Ours.. I love having her here with us, Her mother and I have been the best of friends as long as i can remember, we went all thru grammer school (Cuddeback elementray Carlotta) together. so its pretty cool to have our girls growing up together. They are more like sisters than most sisters. So they are lounging in the living room watching a movie wait for Joe to wake Up. (Hubby works nights) WE will be going to the Scotia Pub for lunch. I really love their food! Last visit Joe tried to teach Maddie how to play It was a site. at least nothing was broken. after that we will go to the park and play.. or really to run all the engery out of the children. Thay sure can wear a person out. Im sure somewhere in our afternoon I will get suckered into painting piggy's .. But I really do love doing it. so I get sucked very easily.
Grant is napping,. T/G ! He is teething so he isnt as smily as normal. he is turning into quite the daddy's boy these days. Im just to the point where i might be ok with that. ...who am I kidding .. No WAY!!! Hes my boy and I will make sure he knows that! LOL
So This summer has been full of surprises, My Oldest daughter Broke up with her boyfriend, and is moving out of her apartment back to her GMs. My Son In the Navy Had a really hard time passing his exams.( i was shocked) one of my Friends found out she is pregnant and almost I am getting closer to my older sister, (which is a good thing) My husband and i have now just started (its been 8yrs i guess its time) I have totally let my house go, arghh !!. Im learning more spanish words.. Family Camp is in July (so weird) We Drove to red bluff to get a puppy from the pound, through the fires on 36.. LOL. hmmmmm well i think im done for this Min.. blog you soon.