Tuesday, September 23, 2008


HI HOOOOOO, Hi Ho, Hi Ho... It's Off to Gymnastics we go.. Sheesh! So much to do and see!
Grant has a fever so he isnt feeling well at all today, I think Its his teeth. we are suposed to meet up with sallie and go to Farmers market on Main st while maddie and Tia are in class. I hope they have a band playing again.. That always makes Grant happy. Last week we bought awesome cantalope. I want another one and some basil. Oh I hope they have fresh mint, I could go for a mojito!
Catch ya later

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hello all,
Tonight is quiet,
Grant is down sleeping and Maddie Is finally out! She is really struggling in the back to school bed time. I think we all are! Anyway Madisen Is loving school again this year, It really suprises me how much she enjoys school. She cant wait each morning to head out the door and get to school. She loves her teacher, I have had reservations with her but Maddie just adores her. I hope she is able to keep her love for school, I know I never had it, Samantha lost her love in the 4th grade,(Very BAD EVIL B*#$@ Teacher) Joe Says School was very easy for him. It was never easy for me. I see so much of his smartness in Maddie, even his smart assyness! lol!
Grant is walking.. I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to take off, but oh yes he has. He has to be the funniest baby boy in the world.. He has leasrned this funky thing he does while sitting on the floor, It looks like he is break dancing.Tyler (his cousin) Break dances and I think he is just trying to copy Tye... LOl it is so funny, we cheer Go Grant Go Grant!! And trys to go faster..lol I just cant wait to see what the two of my kids are like later on.. Maddies a rump shaker and Grant thinks he can break dance.!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

rub a dub dub dub

My Kiddos
Madisen And Grant.. In the tub with Decho..lol!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is My oldest Son .

He joined the Navy straight out of High-school.

We are very proud of all his hard work.


This is My oldest Daughter.
She is a amazing artist.

3rd choice

Good Evening,
Another day done. yeaaaaaaa!!
Today we went to eureka to pick up our Glasses, we orderd them over a week ago . My lens needed to be specially ordered.. ( i must be really close to blind sheesh!) So anyhoo we called yeasterdday and they were suposed to be reasy than. I got there today about 2 30.. Joes was ready to go..mine was not. The frames I had choosen were not compatable with the lens and the paint was chipping away, gRRRR!! So he had me pick out another pair.. I newwhich ones right away! They were black with Hot Pink arms, Black dimonds on the sides ssssssssoooooo sweet!.. I aslo tried on another pair just in case. The man says come back in a hr ... we do. and No luck the sweet ones were framless, so with my thick ass lens they wouldnt work for me, But the 3rd pair was perfect for the lens... AHHHHHHHHHH!!! ok. ok so Im calm now . He finishes up this pair, i try them on.. I can see!! WHOOHOO!! I can see! it was so nice to see clearly! My eyes need a min to adjust, my head felt a little weird kind of spinning, Not to bad almost like I was on a wild ride.
anyway i had to sit for a bit to let my eyes get used to them, But Now Im home.. seeing pretty well and very happy with my choice in frames.. even if it was my 3rd choice!

remember friends 1st is great but 3rds come home with ya!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Frozen Soccer

yep, It was cold out there tonight.
I think Grants boogies froze to his little nose..I had the team to myself tonight the head coach had to work late.. It was fun.. I even tried to play a bit.. (i suck) lol
The fire Balls .. Thats our name..lol!
I will miss this next game.. That wil be 3 i have missed. I feel badly but I also deserve a little fun for myself. I hope the girls fight for it and run over the other team..heehee. who knows maybe they will.
Happy MOnday Friends


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just Got back from a weekend getaway with girlfriends..
It was fun, we went up to Brookings for a scrapebook retreat. The Sky was overcast and streaked with greys, Most of the time you couldn't see the ocean below us. Every once in a while a boat or bouy would appear for a brief time. Even with the sun missing I had a great time. The group of 9 went into town to watch a Movie.. we saw "THE WOMEN". It was great! I laughed so hard at some parts! It was fun to be able to let loose a bit. I Cherished the time with My Friend, She is a blessing in my life. If the World had more people Like My friends we would all be better off.
Thank you for bringing me! oxox

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello all,
Deep breath. as I have been told I need to update my blog...(thx D.! ) I have been so busy like everyone else. Time is just running away. This past month I have been struggling with the loss Of my oldest brother, Linnie. I have been struggling with many thoughts and emotions about his death. He was almost 60. My brother was in and out of trouble all his life. In my childhood years he spent most of his in Prison. so many crimes over time Im not sure what he didnt do.. Even if he was a x con, he was still my brother and I miss him .. I mostly miss the thought that one day My family will all come back together and get along. That for one Holiday we will all be together in the same home sharing a meal and a good chat. Its very hard to believe My tomorrows and Maybes are all gone with him.
The reason behind Lins Death is also haunting me, At first I thought like everyone else he just passed in his sleep, he had been having some troubles with past illnesses and had lived a very hard lifestyle. But a couple of days later a letter was found in his couch, He had killed himself..
It's hard to talk about it and very hard to write through the tears, But I think I need too. Lin stated in his note he was tired of being alone.. tried of being a burden on his family.. was in pain , and couldnt handle it any longer. He O.D.
Now I have these feelings of guilt. Shame. Of letting him be alone. Of not being there for him, Being selfish becasue I didnt want to go into the trailer park where he was living. I feel like I let him down. I didnt bring him a meal, I didnt invite him down for one.. The last time I spent time with him was at the hospital when His Mother was Passing.. I Didnt ever know what to talk about with him.. And Now I cant make it better, I cant try harder with him..
I just Hate this feeling.
My Nephews are doing the best they can.. They are grown adults with kids of their own. One Is in a re hab.. They have made a date for a memorial yet, and they still havent been able to sumit a obit. My sister Is a wreak, She Has Lost her step father and mother and Now brother in under a yr. She has had to be the rock in her family. I dont know how much more she will be able to handle. Thank God she is Strong and has a Good Man behind her.

so thisn is my update for now. I will try to be back later with a happy one.