Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Day

Maddie at Gymnastics with Tia and Cody.

Slowing down

Things are starting to slow for a bit. Thank God!!
it feels so nice to not have to run everyday to something, well I do still have the normal stuff. But its great to not have soccer and the pratices. Today is a halloween dress up for gymnastics. they will run around in their costume and play games, Im dressing Grant up too . Tomorrow is the big night! Maddie is all excited,.. Anyone remember that feeling? Couldn't wait til it was dark enough to go out to trick or treat. It would feel like forever till dinner was done. I would sit waiting to go out watching the sun NOT go! Now if seems like it's Dark so fast. Like I cant get Maddie home from school and dinner done before its dark. I guess Im just getting old..
I hope everyone is safe out there..

Ok Who else is dressing up?
Im the Wicked Witch from the West...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

fun dips

Fun Dips, Silly Girls!

To Share or not to share?

It's too hard to not share these kinds of photo's!

I'm just not that strong, The more embarrassing the better!, (not of me of course)
My hubby Is just of the the kids!
This was taken 2 yrs ago. Maddie n Katie in their furry purple hats.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tonight i coached soccer practice, I don't have any knowledge in soccer except what I have learned as Maddie has played. Just things like, Don't use your hands,Keep it in the lines, you need 2 defenders, 2 forwards, 2 other .. Our Coach will be moving up to Traveling team next year and they want me to coach Our Rio Dell team... Im Scared SHI* LE#* !! I Dont know if I can do it.. I am Not in shape to even keep up with them... I want to try but I wonder if I can... what to do???

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Sickie baby

Grant is sickie....
He is so miserable. His little nose is running non stop. He is drooling on top of the runny nose,so his is soaking his clothes, sheets, toys.. I feel so bad for him, he just wants to play but isnt able to. He is also getting another bottom tooth. I wish i could just take it all for him.
We went to Tyler football game for a little bit, The Huskies kicked butt! Tyler did a great job! I cant wait to see him next year in High school!
Oh One thing that has erked me, our high School is changing colors..From Blue and white to black silver and white... GRRR!!! What weiners. I dont get it!!!


Monday, October 13, 2008

My Dirty addiction

Ok.. SO I have a addiction,
I need to try to get it under controll, I think I can do it and then again Im off get some more of the dirty habit. I even feel the need to use my kids as a excuse to get some of it.
I feel the shame. I know its not good for us, I know in the long run it can cost a small fortune, But im taking my chances, sneaking around, going thruogh my friends and familys trash,, begging pleading .. doing things I didnt think possible.. But soon I will Have gotten all I can, Soon I will Have all the Monopoly Game peaces from Mc donalds.. SOon It will All Me MINE!!! HA HA HAA!!!!

love ya

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All Quiet again,
I feel sneaky, Like Im gonna get caught having a min. to myself..Kinda like Im cheating on my!! weird huh? Well AS you can guess they are sound asleep. all tucked into their dreamy worlds. Wish it was that easy for me, I have never been able to just drift off to sleep so easily, I struggle to fall asleep. I dont remember what a good nights sleep feels like, Ever sence I have had sleep apnea I have struggled. I do sleep best when its completly dark and I have ear plugs in.. Oh well.. I do love holding My kids while they sleep, The feeling of a warm sllepy baby on your chest or in your arms is wonderful.It's even better if they smell good too!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Old Cheese

Got Up early today, It's my day to work In madisen's class. She is In 2nd grade and loving it.
I love helping in her class. The kids just crack me up, the things they tell you..OMG! It make me more aware of what i let Maddie hear . Some kids will tell you why Mommy doent like daddy any more (moms, preggo and daddy smells bad), and others will tell you what happens when you put socks in the toliet. My favorite today was a lil guy told me I smelled good, much better than his mom. she always smells like old cheese. well only in her arm pits, LOL!!!
Soccer pratice also today. It got cold and dark real quick, I took the girls cup cakes. they had a hard time waiting till pratice was over to eat them.. Its fun to be involved in Maddies activitys , I hope Grant will want to do sports also.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Joe a flying Monkey

BOOO!!! It's ALmost time for Halloween!
Are you all excited? You can probally guess I am! This Year Halloween is on a Friday, And that means Joe gets to be here with us!! Im looking forward to it!
Maddie is going to be Dorthy from the wizard of Oz, I am making Grant a Scare Crow!.. I need to Find Maddie a dark wig.. anyone have one? She will be walking cookie as toto.
I want to Dress up too!! Maybe Joe Can Be a Flying Monkey And Ill be the wicked witch of the west..( yes I know I have had pratice)


Saturday, October 4, 2008


Tell Me, Who Doesnt love Halloween?
Maddie as A witch last year.

Let it rain

A little rain and everything seems refreshed. I love the smell of the grass and trees just after the rain. It reminds me of the woods where i grew up in Carlotta. There's Something magical about the first rain of the season.. I Had to go outside early this morning and while out there I felt so young, I wanted to jump in the puddles, Splash around and stomp stomp stomp!!.But instead I just got my paper and stood there for a sec. With my head tilted back Eyes closed & let it cover me.. The rain wasn't cold. Cool but not cold. I looked around to see my neighbors staring at me.. Oh well I know they need something to talk about As soon as I was in the house Madisen saw me all wet.. She smiled a Big Happy grin.. She asked sheepishly If she could go out too.. So Out she went. Big Jumps, Splashes all around , A song was being sung .She danced and played for 15 mins, It was 15 minutes of pure heaven watching her. She is my girl. I pray she never looses that child like love of simple pleasures. I hope She always has a song in her heart.
She is Magic.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I survived

Im so tired.. I feel numb.. I just got the kids into bed, This has been the longest week ever. I Spent all week Out in Carlotta watching my sisters 3 kids. Sallie and Jim went to Sonoma for the week for their anniversary. OMG!! I need a vacation now!. They kids were very good, however i had to run non stop. between Soccer, Cross country, Gymnastics and Football I thought I was gonna just fall down. I'll need a nanny if I ever have 5 kids at home at once.
All the Usual stuff went on, Grace didn't bring home her home work, and then day 2 somehow she lost her home work folder on the way to the bus from the house...(so like her mother) By the today her teacher just handed me extra copies of her Boy that was fun! NOT!!! Maddie and Grant ended up in bed with me one of the nights, so I have had little sleep. Last night Grant got into my be at 2 am, than at 5:30 he fell out of the bed on the floor.BAM!! So we were up from then on..Tyler Had 3 guys over for Air Soft wars.. I have no Idea why Soft would ever be used in the name of their products..All the Boys had welts and bruises everywhere from the game..Sheesh! BOYS! On Tuesday Night I made Chile Baked Potato's for snack before Gymnastics and Football Practice.. The Football Team asked me Kindly to NOt EVER give Tyler Chile Before Practice again...ROFLMAO!!! So you live and you learn...right?
Tia was a Angel the whole time. And SAM even came over and played with the babe... My Mom Kept checking in to see what I cooked and of there was any And to make sure I could handle everything.. I might be a few hairs lighter adn a wrinkle or two more but hey
I guess I survived!!!

Hugs to You All