Thursday, July 24, 2008

Was I-pods Invented In hell?

I wanted a I pod , SO when I got pregnant with Grant, Joe bought me a shuffle. I loved it. Used it all the time. No problems.. The Kids thought I needed a Nano instead, So for My Bday Joshie sent be a Really beautiful blue Nano. I was shocked and thrilled! So I tried to install it.. It wasn't in .. After a slur of not so nice and pretty words I turned the job over to dear Joe. After a couple of days he got it put back to English! (Yeah Joe!) ok so Now its in English, I need to add music to it, A new program must be downloaded .. After a few failed attempts I bite my tongue and ask Joe to step in again.. The next morning My Ipod Is Ready for me all loaded and programed. (Joe is my hero).. I am very excited by now. so i start listening to the music.. However I soon realize that its all Joe's music, Pink Floyd,Beatles,AC DC, Jimmy Buffet....GRRRRR (naughty Joe) The I-pod sat for a couple of weeks.. Then My friend Jodi Got One and a docking station for her anniversary, But she didn't have any music to down load, so I let her borrow mine. Slowly but surely she has completely figured out all the feature and workings of the evil little device!! (where did I go wrong) She even had added new music I like to Ok now to wrap up this part of the story. My Daughter Says Hey Mom I filled my memory stick with music for you for your I pod. It took me 2 days to figure out how to slide out the connection piece to plug it into the computer...... I'm planning on downloading the music next year.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have been playing games all day, some were board games others were childrens make believe games, I totally kicked butt at pool tonight, (ok I won By 1) And of course there was the never ending round of phase 10, All were fun But the most challenging was the pretend play with the kids. Sometimes i feel Like Im starting to forget the magic in childhood. I forget that if you pretend it hard enough it will be real to you. I love the giggles and laughs the kids sound off with. The way a smile can make your whole world melt. My children are magic , They believe good outweighs the evil, there is a castle waiting around the corner, That Nobody Means to hurt your feelings its always a accident. That Pop-cycles and Kisses and ice cream can make everything better.
My son learned tonight how to give kisses with the sounds and all. He is so proud of himself, and Of course I am too! Now the Kissing games are coming.. Now My memories of the older kids learning new games are flooding my head, fish kisses,Butterfly kisses, Nosey nosey eskimosie. Sams favorite was of course Butterfly kisses, Maddies started of with sloppy puppy kisses , But nosey nosey was her favorite. Not sure about Joshie, He was way past that stage when we got him. I just know My little man Is very excited to have figured it out.

A Day in My Life

Good Morning all. Well ok good morning to me , cause Im the only one here .lol
Today is like all others, started out ok, The weather is not was fab but Im coping. I do really like to wake up to the early sun shine, Makes my whole day better. Anyhoo Today is Wednesday so that means either Maddie goes to katie's or katie is Here. Today Katie is Ours.. I love having her here with us, Her mother and I have been the best of friends as long as i can remember, we went all thru grammer school (Cuddeback elementray Carlotta) together. so its pretty cool to have our girls growing up together. They are more like sisters than most sisters. So they are lounging in the living room watching a movie wait for Joe to wake Up. (Hubby works nights) WE will be going to the Scotia Pub for lunch. I really love their food! Last visit Joe tried to teach Maddie how to play It was a site. at least nothing was broken. after that we will go to the park and play.. or really to run all the engery out of the children. Thay sure can wear a person out. Im sure somewhere in our afternoon I will get suckered into painting piggy's .. But I really do love doing it. so I get sucked very easily.
Grant is napping,. T/G ! He is teething so he isnt as smily as normal. he is turning into quite the daddy's boy these days. Im just to the point where i might be ok with that. ...who am I kidding .. No WAY!!! Hes my boy and I will make sure he knows that! LOL
So This summer has been full of surprises, My Oldest daughter Broke up with her boyfriend, and is moving out of her apartment back to her GMs. My Son In the Navy Had a really hard time passing his exams.( i was shocked) one of my Friends found out she is pregnant and almost I am getting closer to my older sister, (which is a good thing) My husband and i have now just started (its been 8yrs i guess its time) I have totally let my house go, arghh !!. Im learning more spanish words.. Family Camp is in July (so weird) We Drove to red bluff to get a puppy from the pound, through the fires on 36.. LOL. hmmmmm well i think im done for this Min.. blog you soon.